Junior High

Sunday mornings: 10:45am
Wednesday nights: 6:30-8:00pm

HJH has one goal: help junior high students become disciples of Jesus. We accomplish this goal by implementing a three stage process that inspires movement and growth within the hearts of our students.

We EXPOSE students to Jesus by talking about what Jesus did on the cross every chance we get. “Repetition is the mother of all learning”, right?  Well, we are going to repeat the greatest message ever- the Gospel.

We EQUIP students to follow Jesus. We teach them and train them how to “do” the essentials- bible study, prayer, evangelism, etc. This helps students own their faith and truly make their relationship with Jesus their own. Our weekly small groups provide the ideal environment for this process to happen. Every JH student needs to be in a small group.

We give students opportunities to EXPERIENCE life lived for Jesus. Whether it's going on a mission trip, serving at the church, or inviting friends to come to church, experiencing life lived for Jesus is essential for believers. We provide opportunity for our students to truly live for Him.

Doesn’t sound fun enough? Trust us, we know how to have fun. Every Wednesday we fire up the video game systems, put out the footballs, plug in the electric guitars, and warm up the subwoofer.  Fun is the by-product of everything we do. Want to be a part of this awesome crew? Stop by during one of our Sunday morning or Wednesday night services so we can meet you!

HJH winter camp 2020 | UCYC
January 24-26

Junior High students will get away from their every day lives for a weekend to worship, learn about God, and have fun with their church community. They will be surrounded with their friends, leaders, and with other believers to have fun, and hear the Gospel message.

The cost for this event is $175 per student.


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