Shine Theatre Company

Shine Theatre Company is a youth focused community theatre program that seeks to teach theatre arts at all levels to all ages. The heart of this program is to help students grow and develop their talents as they grow in confidence and ability, while creating and connecting communities that become family.

All of Shine's productions and programs are open to anyone in the community - you don't need to be a member or attendee of Highlands Church to participate. 


The Sound of Music


The hills are coming alive this spring at Shine Theatre Company as we perform one of the greatest broadway musicals of all time! Join Maria and the Von Trapp family as they learn about life, family and overcoming even the biggest of obstacles. Timeless songs like Do Re Mi, So Long Farewell, and Edelweiss provide the perfect soundtrack to this story for all ages.

Casting is open to kids in 2nd grade through High School with some adult roles available as well. Auditionees will need to prepare 16 measures of a song from The Sound of Music as well as a 30-60 second monolog from the show.

Rehearsals for the main cast will be 2-3 days per week, ensemble cast will rehearse 1-2 days per week (January-April).

Audition Sign-Up

You can preview the Audition Packet here. Questions about auditions? Email Laura at .

Theatre Classes

Theatre classes are designed to develop specific skills related to acting and stage presence over the course of a 6-week period. All classes will be limited in size in order to be able to give each student the attention, instruction and feedback they need to grow and develop their talent. At the end of each class, students will have an opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned for friends and family at a showcase.

Shine Theatre Company Values

  • Honor and encourage one another with words and conduct at all times.
  • Create a safe environment for students to explore and create as they take chances to develop and grow in their roles.
  • Students are expected to be teachable and to continually strive to work to grow and grow to work.

People were designed to be in community with one another. As our culture becomes more disconnected and hidden behind screens, theatre provides an opportunity for students to form real, in-person friendships and experience community as they explore stories, express emotion, and encourage one another toward a common purpose.


Serve at Shine

Shine Theatre productions build a bridge to our community in amazing ways, and we have lots of opportunities to serve! We're always looking for people to help with costumes, hair and makeup, set-building, video, sound, lighting, concessions, ushering and more. Whatever interest you have, Shine Theatre is a place where you can get involved as we work together to create something special that inspires audiences at Highlands and beyond.

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Laura McGinnis, Director

Laura McGinnis is an experienced youth theatre director who has overseen the creation of school and community theatre programs in the Pacific Northwest. Her passion is to work with students of all ages, help them grow in confidence and ability as they discover the value of theatre, developing their gifts and talents and discovering who they were meant to be. Laura has also directed drama ministries within the church, participating at all levels from writing to acting, directing and beyond.

Off the stage, Laura’s theatre programs have brought communities together as she builds partnerships with local schools and businesses.

Questions about Shine Theatre Company? Contact Laura at .


Holden Hanna - Music Director/Assistant Director
Elizabeth Stringham - Production Manager
Zach Anvik - Choreography
Paul Swek - Set Designer/Construction
Nancy Ngo - Costume Designer