Our Viewpoint classes examine some of the most common and challenging worldviews that Christians face in our culture today to see how we can approach them through the lens of the Bible. We’ll be covering topics like politics and government, gender, equality, racism, and other belief systems. Our goal is to equip the church to discuss these topics with others, and ultimately, share our hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


A Biblical View of Transgenderism

Our culture has seen a rise in individuals identifying themselves as transgender - people who desire to live their life as a different gender than they were born with. What does the Bible say about this type of lifestyle? How should Christians interact with transgender individuals in a way that displays the love of Christ while also sharing the truth and hope of the gospel?

A note for parents: these class sessions contained discussions of mature themes related to sexual identity. This content is not suitable for young children, and we encourage you to preview the content first before viewing/listening with teens.

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If God is Good, Why Is There Suffering?

The Christian faith teaches God is all-powerful and always good. If this is true, why is there so much human suffering? Couldn't a good and all-powerful God prevent suffering? And if He can, why doesn't He? How do we understand disease, natural disasters, and other suffering in a world in which a loving God has all power? Taught by Pastor Joe Infranco, this class session will explore these challenging questions.

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A Christian View of Politics and Government

What is the relationship between Christians and civil government? What does the Bible say about the foundations of civil government, our place as citizens, and how we should react in times of government hostility? Join us as Pastor Joe Infranco walks us through these and other issues. This class sessions below were recorded on February 14th and 21st.