Marketplace Ministry

The Marketplace Ministry exists to help Christian businesspeople in organizations of any size to thrive spiritually, personally and in their place of business. We want to equip and empower business professionals to use their God-given gifts and abilities to help build companies that are built on the foundation of God's Kingdom principles.

Marketplace Ministry Forum

Sunday, October 15th at 10:30am in the Senior High room
Our Marketplace Ministry forums are designed to connect businesspeople within the church as well as train and inspire participants to excel in the workplace. Our speaker for this forum will be Pastor Jeff Stevens who formerly was the President of an integrated facilities management company called ISS that earned a spot on Fortune Magazine's "Top 100 Companies to Work For". He'll be leading us through a discussion of, "What does it mean to thrive in the workplace as a follower of Christ?"

Following the presentation, there will be time for discussion and networking for attendees, as well as a chance to learn more about Marketplace Ministries business mentorship, roundtables and volunteer opportunities. Come early to get signed in and meet the Marketplace Ministry team - registration opens at 10:15am.


Mentorship Program

Whether you're just starting out in the business world or you've enjoyed a long career of business success, we invite you to participate in our mentorship program. Our hope is to match young businesspeople starting out in the marketplace with business professionals who can share their experience and guidance in creating Christ-centered workplaces. If you're interested in being a mentor or being mentored yourself, please contact us at .


Our roundtable discussions are designed for groups from Marketplace Ministry to discuss specific topics in a more personal and interactive setting. These events will last 90 minutes, will be facilitated by Marketplace Ministry leaders, and will cover topics such as integrity, leading teams, setting goals, wise financial planning, and more. Check back soon for upcoming roundtable dates!