Medical Missions

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Highlands Medical Missions program serves international communities alongside of our ministry partners through providing for people’s physical and spiritual needs in the name of Jesus. Currently we provide optical and dental care for underserved communities in Haiti and Mexico and run wheelchair programs in Rocky Point and Ensenada, Mexico. We welcome people of all abilities on mission trips and no professional medical training is needed for most serving positions. Also, we are always looking for medical professionals who feel that God is calling them to use their gifts to serve people in need. Check out our Upcoming Mission Trips for more info.

If you have any questions or would like more info about Medical Missions, contact Mike Claudio at .

dental care

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Under the leadership of Dr. John Anderson, we have been able to provide dental care for several hundred children and adults including preventative care, x-rays, extraction, and restorative care in Kenscoff, Haiti and Rocky Point, Mexico. In August of 2019, our Highlands Haiti Dental Mission opened a dental suite in the Chances for Children Medical Clinic in Kenscoff, Haiti with the addition of a Haitian dentist and staff who will provide dental care several days per month.

optical care

optical missions

Since 2014, Highlands has conducted over 25 optical trips, performed over 6,500 vision screenings, and provided over 5,000 pairs of new eyewear to the Mexican communities of Rocky Point, San Luis, and Ensenada, and the Haitian communities of Kenscoff and Sarthe.  Through donations, volunteers, and careful management of resources, Highlands' cost to provide a vision screening and a new pair of prescription eyeglasses is less than $5.00.

Wheelchair Program

wheelchair ministry

In 2018, we partnered with Joni & Friends and their Wheels for the World program, which provides wheelchairs that are refurbished at local prisons and provided for free to those in need. The wheelchairs are customized and fit to meet each individuals specific needs by volunteer therapists from our Highlands medical community. We have provided over 85 wheelchairs to the Rocky Point and Ensenada, Mexico communities.