Current Series

Knowing Jesus: The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke is the most detailed and comprehensive telling of the life and ministry of Jesus. It presents Jesus - the hero of the gospel - in every aspect: teacher, servant, healer, miracle worker, savior and King.


Through the birth of Jesus, we received the gift of a Savior who lived life as a man, experiencing everything we experience on this earth and offering himself as the perfect sacrifice to save us from our sin. Because of that gift, we can draw near to God with confidence, holding fast to that promise of salvation.

Spiritual Disciplines

Reaching a big goal takes hard work and training. If the goal of the Christian life is to be like Christ, how do we train for that? What daily habits, rhythms and exercises should a Christian do to help train for the goal of godliness? This series will examine God's Word to learn simple, everyday practices we can have in our lives as we strive to be more like Christ.


The miraculous account of Jonah reminds us of God's limitless ability to get our attention. When we look at the brokenness of our world and start to think there's no hope, God's interactions with Jonah reveal His desire to move our hearts toward compassion for others as we realize we're all in need of His grace and mercy.

Advent - Awaiting the Savior

The season of Advent is all about anticipation. In a world that can feel lost and even hopeless, Jesus is a beacon of hope; God Himself coming to us as a man in an act of perfect love and sacrifice. The hope of the world is here!


The gospel is good news for everyone, and provides hope when our world feels hopeless - so why can it be so hard to tell others about it? In this series we'll learn how to see the opportunities God gives us every day to share.

Hope for the Family

The family was designed by God to be the primary way in which we point each other toward Jesus. But in our broken world, our families can also be the source of some of our greatest struggles. Whether you're a son, daughter, parent or grandparent, this series will bring hope to families as we open God's Word, learn his design for families, and learn how we can all become better disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Romans: Gospel for All Time

The book of Romans is life-changing, filled from start to finish with the good news of the gospel: that Jesus Christ came to pay the price for our sin so we can have a new life in him. Explore the concepts of sin and salvation, judgement and mercy, law and gospel, and other core concepts for the Christian life.


What happens after we die? This question leads to many more about heaven, hell, eternity and our souls. The Bible will be our guide as we learn what God has in store for us after our life on this earth comes to an end, and the incredible hope we have for eternity in Jesus Christ.

Uncommon Joy - the Book of Philippians

We often chase after 'happiness' in our lives by pursuing hobbies, money, relationships, and success. But what happens when things don't go our way? How can we have joy during hard times or when the world around us is anything but joyful?

Biblical Worldview

In a polarized world of opposite opinions on nearly every issue or current event, how do we make sense of it all? When we're confronted with a cultural issue or event, how would God have us respond? How does God want us to see the world? How does the Bible answer the fundamental questions of where we came from, why we're here, and what's right and wrong?