Mission Trips

At Highlands Church, our mission is to love God, love people, and make disciples.  As we look at our world, both in our own community and across the globe, we take a comprehensive approach: restoring faith, hope, honor, courage, and community to people everywhere through the power of the Gospel.

Mission Phoenix

December 9-10 | Team Size: 25 | Ages 8 Up
Cost $50

Make this winter a memorable experience by serving refugees right here in the valley! You'll meet refugees, hear their stories, and serve them in tangible ways such as with food or supplies. This is a great opportunity for families to serve together as many of the refugees we serve are families with kids of their own. We'll meet at Highlands each day, then depart for our serving destination in Phoenix together. We'll end each day back at Highlands for you to go home for the night.


Check out our upcoming opportunities to share God's love all over the world:  

Check back later for upcoming trips. Please join us as we continue to pray for the country of Haiti and our ministry partners through this challenging time.


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