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Prayer requests will be opened, read, and prayed for by our pastor of prayer and the Highlands Prayer Team. Your request may also be made anonymous and shown on screen during prayer in our Sunday services.

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Our goal is to be sensitive to sensitive information, if you prefer to have your information remain anonymous, please let us know.


Highlands is a place to find help when physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial challenges and circumstances feel too much to handle. If you would like to set up an appointment for counseling or prayer with one of our caregivers click the link below.

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Prayer Ministry Contacts

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Prayer Opportunities

  • Every Sunday after each service, there are people available in the front of the worship center (by the stage) to pray with anyone who would like to be prayed for or pray for others.
  • Last Saturday of the month at 9:00-10:30am in the Worship Center Classroom
  • Men: Tuesday mornings 7:00-8:00am behind the Worship Center stage in the Prayer Room


This week's prayer requests:

    • For our son who suffered a severe seizure.
    • For peace and order for our country.
    • For police reform for safety and justice for all.
    • For my husband’s health, going to the hospital with low oxygen levels.
    • For me to find peace and develop healthy relationships and boundaries with others, for feeling inadequate, and for me to find my worth in Christ.
    • Thank you for your prayers over the last few months. My brother is slowly recovering from bone cancer and several amputations.
    • For a friend not feeling well with Covid symptoms, and waiting for test results.
    • For our niece's daughter who is disabled and on a new medication.
    • For unity and peace in our country.
    • For government leadership.
    • For COVID-19 patients and a vaccine.
    • For my family to be able to adopt foster kids.
    • For the country of Guyana’s national election recount results, for a leader with integrity, and for God's will and truth for this country.
    • For my son whose friend was killed in a car accident. For his friend’s dad and older sister who are still in the hospital, and for the oldest brother who is 20 having to do this all on his own. For the whole family.
    • For my wife’s hip surgery to go well and that the recovery is quick. Praise for the amazing staff that is taking care of her while I can’t be there because of COVID-19, and for being surrounded by help from others.
    • For the loss of the love of my life fourteen months ago leaving me and our adult son with autism alone. For my other sons who have detached in anger. For me being sick with depression, being overwhelmed caring for my son, and wanting to go home to heaven.
    • For my good friend and business partner who is a pastor and has some severe medical conditions.
    • For me to get over this hill I’m on because it’s heading downhill fast, and am having a hard time praying and asking for help.
    • For help with my anxiety issue.
    • For healing for the world from the virus.
    • For my husband to get a call for a job that he interviewed for. He’s been furloughed since mid-March. For having to put our dog down this week, and for my sadness and grief.
    • For a family to recognize Jesus loves them and to trust Him as their Savior and Lord.
    • For all the people who have COVID-19, that they may have comfort, improved health, and a relationship with Jesus.