Highlands is a place to find help when physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial challenges and circumstances feel too much to handle. Email   if you would like to set up an appointment for counseling or prayer with one of our caregivers.

Prayer requests will be opened, read and prayed for by pastor of prayer and care, Jim Williams, and Doug Milligan from our Elder Board. Your request may also be made anonymous and shown on screen during prayer in our Sunday services.

Please indicate how you would like your request prayed over when you email us:

  • Only by Jim and Doug 
  • By the Women’s prayer chain 
  • By the Highlands men on Tuesday mornings 
  • I’d like to request the Elders of Highlands to pray over me (Jim or Doug will contact you) 

Our goal is to be sensitive to sensitive information, if you prefer to have your information remain anonymous, please let us know.

Prayer Ministry Contacts

Jim Williams - 
Doug Milligan - 

If you have a personal emergency outside of regular business hours, call (480) 209-4711.


Prayer Opportunities

  • Every Sunday after each service, there are people available in the front of the worship center (by the stage) to pray with anyone who would like to be prayed for or pray for others.
  • Every 2nd Saturday of the month in the High School room from 5:00-6:00pm
  • Men: Tuesday mornings 7:00-8:00am behind the Worship Center stage in the Prayer Room
  • Pointmen: Prayer over Highlands Leadership - Contact Doug Milligan 

prayer team training

If you’d like to join the Sunday morning prayer team, join us for a training session where you’ll meet the team and learn how to pray with, and for the people in our church. The meeting will be held Saturday, October 6th from 8:30am-1:00pm in the church office building. To RSVP or for more info, contact Jim Williams at .

This week's prayer requests:

      • For my dad because he doesn’t really want to go to church sometimes.
      • For my husband to receive Jesus in his heart and lead our family the way God wants Him to.
      • For me to know what Christ has for me in retirement.
      • For my husband and his kids salvation.
      • For my husband to give his life totally to Christ.
      • For guidance for our niece and her husband’s plan for treatment for their daughter’s seizures.
      • For our daughter and her husband to truly believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ this Christmas.
      • For friends and family to accept Jesus as their Lord.
      • For a friend coming up on the 1 year anniversary of her husband’s death from cancer. For all battling cancer and other diseases. For family unity.
      • For reconciliation of my son & daughter-in-law, family forgiveness, and the spirit of love.
      • For healing and forgiveness in my family. For a friend healing and forgiveness in her family.
      • For my family from severe hardship from earlier this year and for God to make a way out for us.
      • For my 18 year old son’s protection, healing, repentance, and faith toward Jesus Christ, as he is struggling after the death of his Dad.
      • For a friend to know the love of God and rest in Him.
      • For a friend to know the heavenly Father's love and grace to respond to God's will and purpose.
      • For my wife to not go through divorcing me, but that God would give her a fresh new love for me.
      • For God’s peace for my wife so she can overcome difficulties with sleep.
      • For my wife to find a job.
      • For my son-in-law, Chris, to find a job that would glorify Christ and allow him to fulfill God’s purpose and plan for him.
      • For the softening of our daughter’s heart to the love and glory of God.
      • For our continual desire to deepen our knowledge of God through time in the Word.
      • For my brother with his anger and to open his heart and come to know the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.
      • For my friend battling health problems and needing surgery. For God to comfort his fears and find hope.
      • For my closet friends that have forgotten me and that God would give me the strength for new friends.
      • For me as my life is a mess right now, and I feel as though the only way to express it is through crying.
      • For our student community to stop living double lives and to live unashamed of the one true God.
      • For my best friend’s parents to have a marriage with God in the center.
      • For my stress and anxiety to not be so overwhelming and that God reminds me that He is there.
      • For me when I leave for college to have a good relationship with my family.
      • For my dad to stop lying to me and not keeping things from me.
      • For guidance through a tough time and that I don’t lose sight of God.
      • For my uncle dealing with drug addiction to overcome and know and love Jesus.
      • For me to truly put all my faith and trust in God and grow closer to Him and never doubt His presence in my life.