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Online Meeting

With everyone staying home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, it's more important than ever to stay connected with your group. We're moving all of our meetings online where you can join in and interact using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

If you're in a group (small group, home group, men's, women's, moms, care groups), watch for an email from your leader with a link to your next online meeting time.  We'll be using a platform called Zoom which allows for quick and easy group video meetings.  If you'll be using your computer, be sure it has a camera and microphone built in, then simply click the link from your leader's email when it's time to meet. 

For more info, visit our Online Meeting page for more info about how to use Zoom for small group meetings.


If you want to grow your faith in Jesus, then you’ll benefit by connecting with others who want to do the same. We have groups for women, moms, men, college, singles, couples, a group that’s near you, or group that’s just like you. Whatever age or stage of life you're in, and whatever group you might be looking for - you have a place here, and we have a group for you.

Find a Group


We want every person at Highlands to have a small group of people to support them as they walk through the good times and hard times we all face in life. Maybe it’s your time to take a big step and begin hosting a group of your own. Small group hosts provide a warm and welcoming environment both on campus and off where people connect with others and grow in their faith.

Interested in starting a group? Let us know at .

campus groups
Campus Groups

Wednesday Night on-campus small groups are a one-stop-shop to help families get connected and grow in their faith. With programming for kids and students, and small groups for adults, Wednesday nights are a great option for the busy family who still wants to get involved and grow together.  More info...

home groups
Home groups

Home groups foster an intimate environment for those who would like a more “homey” feel for their group setting. Home groups tend to go a bit deeper and have the freedom to run a bit longer if they would like to. Childcare is available in some home groups. More info...

highlands women
Women's groups

We are a community of women of all ages and stages of life who follow Christ. Our lives are diverse but we have a lot in common too! Through fellowship we study, grow and serve together, with a strong desire to help every woman take her next step in her walk with Jesus. We have on-campus women's groups and groups that meet in homes in the community. More info...

highlands moms
Moms group

Our goal is to encourage moms with biblical teaching, friendships, and help them take the next step in their walk with Jesus. All moms have a story, and we desire to provide a welcoming place to get connected and grow on this journey of motherhood. Moms group meets at Highlands every other Tuesday as well as groups that meet in homes in the community. More info...

highlands mens
Men’s groups

We want to help men discover, follow, and become like Christ. There are groups that meet nearly every day of the week, both at Highlands and in the community, so find a group and get connected. More info...

counseling groups
Care Groups

We want Highlands to be a safe place where it’s okay to not be okay. We have care groups including grief and loss, finances, divorce, and all forms of abuse that are designed to come alongside you and provide biblical guidance to help you heal. More info...

one-on-one discipleship
One-on-One Discipleship

There is no better way to understand the Christian life than to meet regularly and intentionally with another Christian who is mature in their faith. You'll experience growth, accountability and life-change. Be one. Make one. As one. More info...

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