Engage: Marriage & Parenting

Wednesdays at 6:30pm

How do you build a strong marriage and family? We believe it's through God's design. Marriage and parenting can be sensational if we put into practice the tools and models God's Word provides. Engage will equip you and your spouse with those tools in a fun, relational way including real-life Bible-based topics, peer discussion, and encouragement from host couple leaders. 

Engage is designed for both strong marriages to get stronger, and challenging marriages to get healthy. We'll also tackle parenting challenges through the biblical model of discipling our kids in grace and truth. 

Engage is held in the Worship Center and childcare is available and childcare is included at no cost!

Modules are four weeks long and the Parenting Module is three weeks long. You can participate in just one module or in several throughout the year. Attend as a couple or with your whole small group!


Module 1: Keys to a Sensational Marriage (January 17 - February 7)
What's the purpose of marriage? The world tries to convince us that marriage is designed to make us happy. But the Bible tells us that marriage goes far beyond superficial happiness - it's a sacred design for the purposes of serving another person with the goal of helping them be more like Jesus. The worldview and attitude with which we approach marriage makes all the difference, and it will shape every priority and interaction we have with our spouse. God's Word will be our guide as we learn to get intentional with our marriage with Christ in the center.

Module 2: Communication Stuff (February 21- March 13)
Why can communication be so hard in marriage? Why does it feel like husbands and wives are often speaking two different languages? This module will explore biblical principles that help create deep, meaningful and life-giving communication within marriage. We'll explore the differences between men and women and how those differences can go from creating tension to being a blessing.

Module 3: Parenting (March 20-April 3)
Our desire is to equip parents with the tools necessary to lovingly lead their families to follow Jesus. Parenting can be one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding things we'll ever do. Together, we'll learn how to apply Biblical principles to real life in super practical ways.