Highlands is a place to find help when physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial challenges and circumstances feel too much to handle. Email   if you would like to set up an appointment for counseling or prayer with one of our caregivers.

Prayer requests will be opened, read and prayed for by pastor of prayer and care, Jim Williams, and Doug Milligan from our Elder Board. Your request may also be made anonymous and shown on screen during prayer in our Sunday services.

Please indicate how you would like your request prayed over when you email us:

  • Only by Jim and Doug 
  • By the Women’s prayer chain 
  • By the Highlands men on Tuesday mornings 
  • I’d like to request the Elders of Highlands to pray over me (Jim or Doug will contact you) 

Our goal is to be sensitive to sensitive information, if you prefer to have your information remain anonymous, please let us know.

Prayer Ministry Contacts

Jim Williams - 
Doug Milligan - 

Prayer Opportunities

    • Every Sunday after each service, there are people available in the front of the worship center (by the stage) to pray with anyone who would like to be prayed for or pray for others.
    • Every 2nd Saturday of the month in the High School room from 5:00-6:00pm
    • Men: Tuesday mornings 7:00-8:00am behind the Worship Center stage in the Prayer Room
    • Pointmen: Prayer over Highlands Leadership - Contact Doug Milligan 


This week's prayer requests:

    • For our son who is seeking employment. May he find a job that suits his talents and where he can make an impact.
    • For our nephew who is dealing with a mental illness and has been hospitalized.
    • For our unborn son who is due to arrive anytime as we are being induced on Monday.
    • For the salvation of my husband and brothers.
    • For clarity and wisdom for decisions I have to make for my family.
    • For my father recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at age 56.
    • For my grandfather needing heart surgery, but health issues may prohibit it.
    • For my husband with pancreatic cancer and has stopped treatment.
    • For a dear friend diagnosed with ovarian cancer.
    • For my daughter with a rare form of MD.
    • For my brother recovering from 3 strokes.
    • For two jobs to come through this week.
    • For my husband’s son’s eye surgeries.
    • For my sister to be cured of Leukemia and Lymphoma. She has a husband and five kids and home-schools her kids.
    • For our elderly church friend now in hospice care and for the sale of their home.
    • For healing and strength for my friends who were in a serious bicycle accident that resulted in broken bones and a concussion.
    • For me to abide in His Word, and that I would know the truth.
    • For peace and harmony in Jesus and healing of family relationships.
    • For healing for our war veterans with PTSD.
    • For my grand-daughter to have guidance and to know people love and support her.
    • For our son to be healed from colon cancer and lead a happy and healthy life.
    • For comfort and healing for a friend who just had knee replacement surgery.
    • For separated parents to put their kids first and be loving and understanding parents.
    • For my daughter to overcome her depression, anxiety, and drug abuse.
    • For healing for my friend’s grandmother who has stage 4 lung cancer.
    • For me to overcome my addictions and to have the strength to be a better son and a father to my daughters.
    • For our son who is getting married this week in California.
    • For healing for my friend who’s cancer has returned and spread and for her salvation. She is a young mom with three kids.
    • For a close friend with an acute mouth, hand, and foot disease.
    • Praise for my new job offers!
    • For my aunt who just lost her mom.
    • For help for me to get my life back on track.
    • For the successful resolution with a business problem.
    • For our family who just moved to Arizona and for new beginnings. For our kids who are starting a new school.
    • For my friend's Dad who just was diagnosed with liver cancer. For the family to have patience, love, and support.