Highlands is a place to find help when physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial challenges and circumstances feel too much to handle. Email   if you would like to set up an appointment for counseling or prayer with one of our caregivers.

Prayer requests will be opened, read and prayed for by pastor of prayer and care, Jim Williams, and Doug Milligan from our Elder Board. Your request may also be made anonymous and shown on screen during prayer in our Sunday services.

Please indicate how you would like your request prayed over when you email us:

  • Only by Jim and Doug 
  • By the Women’s prayer chain 
  • By the Highlands men on Tuesday mornings 
  • I’d like to request the Elders of Highlands to pray over me (Jim or Doug will contact you) 

Our goal is to be sensitive to sensitive information, if you prefer to have your information remain anonymous, please let us know.

Prayer Ministry Contacts

Jim Williams - 
Doug Milligan - 

If you have a personal emergency outside of regular business hours, call (480) 209-4711.


Prayer Opportunities

  • Every Sunday after each service, there are people available in the front of the worship center (by the stage) to pray with anyone who would like to be prayed for or pray for others.
  • Every 2nd Saturday of the month in the High School room from 5:00-6:00pm
  • Men: Tuesday mornings 7:00-8:00am behind the Worship Center stage in the Prayer Room
  • Pointmen: Prayer over Highlands Leadership - Contact Doug Milligan 

This week's prayer requests:


      • For direction, self-discipline, and obedience to trust in God.
      • For peace, health, guidance, and financial stability for our children and for a husband battling medical issues.
      • For doctors to diagnose the source of infection causing kidney and liver failure.
      • For my Dad hospitalized with heart problems.
      • For my friends’ mom who just committed suicide and for the family’s salvation.
      • For my husband with Parkinson’s to be able to manage life’s challenges and our financial situation.
      • For healing from cancer.
      • For our boys to find direction for their futures.
      • For my career and for God to provide a job I enjoy.
      • For healing from an emotional setback of a long relationship and to help me with forgiveness.
      • For our son and his family to find a church near their new home.
      • For my son and nephew to find better jobs.
      • For my husband to rededicate his life to Christ.
      • For my father who just moved into an assisted living facility.
      • For the release of the American citizen and pastor in a Turkish prison because of his faith.
      • For my ex-spouse and I to make peace and for my daughter’s heart to be protected during the custody case.
      • For friends dealing with infertility.
      • For my relationship to be focused on God.
      • For my sister with PSP aggressive Parkinson’s disease.
      • For my husband to be free from pain and suffering.
      • For a young man sent to bootcamp to overcome addiction and change his attitude.
      • For a struggling family to come together for their son’s health.
      • For healing for a friend.
      • For our friend to receive positive results from a biopsy heart surgery.
      • For God’s wisdom and provision with financial decisions and debt.
      • For my friend diagnosed with kidney cancer and her husband with pancreatic cancer.
      • For my daughter with Bi-Polar disorder.
      • For the family of a dear friend who died of breast cancer last month.
      • For my wife to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior and for her healing.
      • For my wife struggling with chemical dependencies to turn to God’s grace.