Highlands is a place to find help when physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial challenges and circumstances feel too much to handle. Email   if you would like to set up an appointment for counseling or prayer with one of our caregivers.

Prayer requests will be opened, read and prayed for by pastor of prayer and care, Jim Williams, and Doug Milligan from our Elder Board. Your request may also be made anonymous and shown on screen during prayer in our Sunday services.

Please indicate how you would like your request prayed over when you email us:

  • Only by Jim and Doug 
  • By the Women’s prayer chain 
  • By the Highlands men on Tuesday mornings 
  • I’d like to request the Elders of Highlands to pray over me (Jim or Doug will contact you) 

Our goal is to be sensitive to sensitive information, if you prefer to have your information remain anonymous, please let us know.

Prayer Ministry Contacts

Jim Williams - 
Doug Milligan - 

If you have a personal emergency outside of regular business hours, call (480) 209-4711.


Prayer Opportunities

  • Every Sunday after each service, there are people available in the front of the worship center (by the stage) to pray with anyone who would like to be prayed for or pray for others.
  • Every 2nd Saturday of the month in the High School room from 5:00-6:00pm
  • Men: Tuesday mornings 7:00-8:00am behind the Worship Center stage in the Prayer Room
  • Pointmen: Prayer over Highlands Leadership - Contact Doug Milligan 

This week's prayer requests:



      • For help with depression as school starts.
      • For God to lead my best friend to know Him.
      • For my nephew and sister to know God’s love.
      • For God to lead me in the right direction.
      • For God’s strength for my uncle battling colon cancer.
      • For my brother going off to college in one year.
      • For my friends to not be influenced by the druggies at school.
      • For my mother.
      • For a friend suffering from a stroke last week with loss of mobility and speech.
      • For two of my sons struggling with depression.
      • For my students with behavioral issues to know the love of Jesus.
      • For our marriage as my husband wants a separation to figure out what he wants.
      • For a member of our bible study whose son suffered another stroke.
      • For my friend with kidney cancer.
      • For continued healing with my hip replacement.
      • For my family members and their children.
      • For our friend’s comfort as she enters hospice.
      • For the clinical trial at Mayo Clinic to be successful in killing off the advancing tumors for me.
      • For my husband with Alzheimer’s who asked for a divorce.
      • For my family members with illness and addiction.
      • For those that don’t know Christ.
      • For one of my bible study friends having a pacemaker put in.
      • For my husband’s heart to soften to Christ.
      • For my son who just moved out of our home and is not following Jesus.
      • For my best friends and others affected by the California fire.
      • For my children to find peace with the Lord.
      • For Divorce Care Team as we prepare to kick off the first session and for the participants.
      • For my friend who lost his dad.
      • For God’s wisdom to all health care providers.
      • For me to express the right words to show my friends the way to Christ.
      • For my friends to find God’s presence in their lives after a miscarriage.
      • For us to focus on living a life pleasing to God.
      • For a Christian employee to join our team.