Highlands Heartbeat

Want to know what Highlands is all about? Want to take the next step toward getting involved in the church family?

Highlands Heartbeat is an informal meeting where you'll meet the pastors of Highlands and their wives and learn more about the church. It's held on Sunday evenings every six weeks or so, and runs from 4:00-7:30pm. Mid-way through the meeting, we'll have dinner together.

At Heartbeat, you'll learn the following:

  • Highlands Church's history, from a living room to a campus to call home
  • Our priorities to be a biblically-based church, full of demonstrative love, with intimate, participatory worship, that reaches the lost and equips believers to serve others.
  • What we as a church believe (our doctrine)
  • How the church is organized - from the church leadership to ministries for every age and stage of life
  • How YOU can be an integral part of the Highlands Family, become a member, and find a place to live out your God-given purpose

The next Highlands Heartbeat meeting is on Sunday, January 20th at 4:00pm. Please let us know if you're planning on coming:


"My Best Fit" Class

After attending Highlands Heartbeat, we want to ensure you find your 'best fit' for connecting and serving in the Highlands Family. We have a single class session called "My Best Fit" to help you do just that.