Coronavirus Update

June 30th Update:

As our community and our state continues to experience a significant increase in Covid-19 activity, we will be gathering online-only for our weekend services as we partner with our community in taking action to slow the spread of the coronavirus.  

Please join us from home as we worship together Sunday mornings live online at 9:00 & 10:45am at Services are also available to watch afterward at any time throughout the week.  Highlands Live is the best place to connect to services, resources and groups for adults, kids, students and more.

It’s natural to feel weary as these measures continue to be reality, but we look to God to renew us through His strength. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected both to your church family and your community.  The church is never closed! As the pastors and elders of Highlands have prayed about this situation, we see this as a unique opportunity to show the love of Christ to the people around you in a world that is in desperate need of hope. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are services moving back to online-only?

Our state and local community’s prevalence of and hospitalizations for Covid-19 have seen a significant increase recently.  As a response, state health officials have required all public gatherings of people to be temporarily suspended to reduce the spread of illness. 

While churches are constitutionally exempt from those requirements, we desire to partner with our community and protect the most vulnerable both in our own congregation as well as in our community.

How long will the services be online-only?

The state of Arizona is planning for a period of limiting public gatherings throughout the month of July, though the pace of resuming in-person activity will depend on the progress of illnesses in the community.  As we reach the later part of July, we will closely monitor state health officials and the conditions in our community to determine a specific date for being able to return in-person gatherings to the Highlands campus.

How can I personally connect with others during this time?

We encourage you to regularly connect with others in the church family during this challenging time.  If you’re part of a small group, be sure you’re checking in regularly and connecting. If you’re not part of a small group, visit our Groups page and get started today!  

You can also video chat personally with our pastors on Sunday mornings before and after online services through our online connect point.  Just use the Zoom meeting link on the Highlands Live page to drop in on a Sunday morning to ask questions, find out more about ministries, or just to say hello.

If there’s any ministry or program that you would like to connect with and you’re having trouble figuring out how, please reach out to us at  and we’ll point you in the right direction!

Where can I get help?

We know many will be in a position of needing assistance as this season of coronavirus continues.  We greatly desire to come alongside you and your family to help you with whatever your needs might be.  Please visit our Care page and hit the “Need Assistance” button to let us know how the church family can help you.