On-Campus Groups

Campus groups meet throughout the week and utilize a Highlands Kids classroom to provide a room for their kids, while the adults meet in a space on the Highlands Campus to connect with their groups and grow in their faith. There will be some Biblical resources available in the classrooms for your kids, with the group being responsible to provide adequate childcare for their classroom. 

Any weeknight is available for on-campus groups except for Thursday nights, and there is a brief Kids program available on Wednesday Nights if that is the night you choose. This Kids program is available only to kids whose parents are involved in a small group on the campus that night. Parents are not able to drop off and leave the campus.

We have an opportunity on Thursday nights for parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs to join a small group while their student participates in our Thursday night Special Needs programming.

While some of our groups are meeting over the summer, most of our groups will begin regular meetings the week of August 21-27. Want to connect with a group in the meantime? We'd love to help you find one - email us at  .