Highlands Bible Institute


Highlands Bible Institute provides biblical training for practical ministry for anyone engaged within the local church.

We offer three program options for students who desire certificates:

  • Certificate of Biblical Studies
  • Certificate of Theological Studies
  • Certificate of Pastoral Studies.


Have you ever tried to bring up God to a family member but they quickly became defensive, so you end up changing the subject out of fear or rejection? Have you wanted to know how to remain faithful to your convictions but also communicate in a way that produces dialogue? How can you balance truth in love when discussing your worldview with people who don't agree?

Join us for this 3-week preview class on September 9, 16, and 23 in the High School Room where Ed Lutz will be talking through how to handle these situations that we all seem to face.


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"Before the school I thought I had a good understanding of the Bible, but when I got here I really saw the difference between what I knew and what I really have to know." 


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