We organize our adult ministries according to LifeGroups to provide a better chance to minister to the unique needs of each stage of life - single or married, with kids or not - and provide a clear point of identification to everyone who walks into Highlands.  Check out one of the links below, get involved in a LifeGroup and find your place!


Highlands U offers classes designed to equip believers with biblical wisdom and tools in order to grow closer to Jesus in their own lives and tell others about Him. Whether you are a brand new believer or have been a Christian for decades, you will be challenged to to grow in your faith, learn biblical principles that apply to all aspects of life, and become a more effective follower and minister of Jesus Christ. Find out more here.


Highlands Women makes it a priority to gather women, study God’s Word, and help women grow together in their walks of life. No matter what age or stage of life you may be in, there is a gathering that will welcome and encourage you to grow in your faith. Find out more here.


Guys, build your knowledge of God's Word and what it says about all aspects of life. Learn from other guys who come from all ages and walks of life to find out how you can make your life count.  Our men's Bible study groups meet on various days and times throughout the week. Find out more here.